Running a small business is a balancing act.

Simplify administration, compliance and staff management and get back to what you do best.

We want to take stress out of running a small business.

Our leadership team own a combined 8 successful businesses, so we know exactly what it means to be a small business owner.

We are passionate about growing our businesses and understand the impact simplifying administration, building clear processes and fostering open communication has on this. Often a business owner can end up getting bogged down in staff management, paperwork and red tape.

We built a business administration application, specifically for small businesses, that brings the whole team together. It is filled with legally sound, customisable policies and procedures and staff and business management tools to nurture and support your team.

Alice Coleman

Alice Coleman

Co-founder, Marketing, Customer Success

Jack of all trades, Alice keeps the team organised! She manages online makerting, customer success and product improvements. Growing up in a family of small business owners, Alice always imagined owning her own business and Teamly is her second.

Scott Mebberson

Scott Mebberson

Co-founder, CTO

Our technological expert, Scott has converted the idea of Teamly into a simple, clean application. Scott is passionate about building well architected, scalable web software. Having scarcely worked for anyone but himself for his entire 20 year career and having owned successful agencies, employing upward of 15 employees, Scott was the perfect techologist to bring Teamly to life and improve it as it matures as a product.

Pete Rogers

Peter Rogers

Co-founder, Ambassador

As a marketing expert with many years experience dealing with both corporates and SMEs, Peter had the idea for Teamly as he observed firsthand how small to medium businesses did not enjoy the same level of resourcing as large corporates and were therefore struggling to cope with important areas of operational compliance. The idea grew from there and Teamly became a tool for all types of small businesses Australia-wide. Peter owns three other businesses in the marketing, media and promotional area. Peter is at the frontline advocating Teamly to Australian businesses.

Emma Dalley

Emma Dalley

Legal Advisor

The Teamly legal guru, Emma ensures all our policies, procedures and features are legally compliant. Emma didn't just have a calling to be a lawyer, she also has a calling as a small business owner. She is the principal lawyer and director of Employer Assist and an integral part of the team.

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