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We have features to streamline administration, improve communication and support your staff.

Stress-free compliance

Protect your team and business with legally approved documents.
Formalise processes with your team.


Give your staff the benefit of knowing exactly what is expected of them. Create policies quickly using our pre-made templates, create your own from scratch or add your existing ones.


Create consistency in how your team do their jobs with procedures. Use our templates, add your own existing procedures or create new ones from scratch.

Audit trail

Protect your business and team with a record of all the emails that are sent out after a policy or procedure is created or updated. You can be sure your staff are notified of updates and you are covered.

Cut through red-tape

Streamline processes by having everything easily accessible.
To everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Incident register

Take the stress out of manging incidents. Keep records of incidents and other notable events in one place and keep it visible to only those who need to see it (owners can see all incidents).

Leave requests

No more paper leave forms lying around, your team can request all types of leave in the app. Allowing you to have a single location to approve or deny leave requests, simplfying leave coordination.

Empower your team

Involve your team by giving them great tools do an exceptional job.
You can focus on other things.

Plant and equipment

Never lose track of equipment again. Record all tools of the trade in the register and have staff check them out and in as they move them from site to site, or borrow them for the weekend.

Suggestion box

Keep your staff happy, allow them to easily make suggestions, openly or anonymously for improvements to the workplace, equipment and more, to make work better.

Improve communication

In great teams, information flows both ways.
Teamly is a central location to improve communication.


Always dishing out phone numbers? Keep all the key contacts for your business in one easily accessible location, ensuring you can enjoy being away from the office in peace.


Manage all staff details so you can quickly access contact information, staff can also have different levels of permissions, owner, manager or staff to allow access to administration areas.


Keep everyone in the loop on what is going on in the business with the noticeboard, post event details, a weekly newsletter, sales targets and results and more, ensuring open lines of communication.

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