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Take your business to the next level. Use our lovingly crafted resources to improve your compliance and HR.

You are busy, you have too much to do. At Teamly Cloud we know you don't have the time to build up great resources and processes without making sacrifices in other areas, so we have done it for you!

We have a series of highly customisable templates accompanied by examples so you can start to build up repeatable, fool-proof processes for things like hiring, onboarding, performance reviews and other processes to streamline your business.

We write short and informative blog posts to help you improve management, compliance, administration and communication when applied to your business.


Fool-proof process for hiring staff

Take the stress out of hiring

Hiring new staff can be a drag. It takes time, usually when you don't have it. It can be awkward and it is high pressure because you don't want to be back there again in 6 months time. Our fool-proof guide to hiring, complete with templates and examples will streamline your hiring processes and help you get the staff you need to improve your business.

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Employee handbook

Onboard new staff with ease

Starting a new employee can be daunting for everyone involved. You can improve that process with an employee handbook. We have created a template and guide so you can customise it to your business quickly, making your induction process quicker, consistent and easily replicable.

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Why you need policies and procedures

Compliance for when you really need it

As a small business it can be easy to get caught in the trap that you don't need policies and procedures. Maybe you don't have time or maybe you don't think anything will go wrong. Excuses aside, it is important you have these resources available to your staff both for legal reasons and because it will make your business stronger.

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